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Book Clubs

Read, discuss, and write about literature

In partnership with the the Appalachian Prison Book Project and the West Virginia University Department of English we create book clubs and facilitate creative writing workshops in prisons.

Book clubs provide incarcerated individuals with an opportunity to read, discuss, and write about literature. Since 2014, 75 imprisoned women, 25 imprisoned men, and 27 volunteers have participated in the book clubs.

Each club includes 12 to 15 incarcerated members and 3 to 5 outside facilitators, and they typically meet once every two weeks for two hours. Participants read fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama, chosen by all the members. Facilitators also lead creative writing workshops in poetry or other forms of creative expression.

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“I like the writing workshops and the pace and/or time allotted for each reading. I enjoy the poetry and the short stories and the group discussions, insight, and input from the WVU volunteers! The book club has been enlightening and uplifting. In addition to the books, many of which I would have never chosen to read, or possibly been exposed to, and the group discussions, we are provided with current events of information relating to real life—which gives new meaning and perspective to our reads. Thank you!”